About William

Hardworking. Sincere. Honest. Original. Determined to succeed. These are a few words that describe me.


Where I’ve been and where I’m going.

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William is a Certified Public Accountant working for an up-and-coming, privately-held, aerospace and defense company. A corporate accountant by day, he is also well-versed in personal finance and is able to combine years of personal experience with professional expertise. William earned his Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and his Master of Accountancy from the University of Nevada, Reno. For a more intimate description of William’s past, keep on Reading!

Born into a humble, working-class family, I learned at an early age that money doesn’t grow on trees.  I watched my mother budget and clip coupons out of an old record box and make grocery lists on the back of re-purposed junk mail.  Her belief of living within your means while working 50 hour weeks in a factory, so that her two sons could have the best life possible, inspires me every day to always give my all, not make excuses, and pursue my dreams.

I am human.  There have been times when I’ve failed and temporarily admitted defeat.  During my senior year in high school, I dropped out for a few months, but found the strength and motivation to jump back in with the encouragement and support of my family.  When I feel like I can’t go and want to give up, I remember how broken I felt a month after I dropped out of high school and how good it felt to work hard to make up those missed classes and graduate with my friends and class who I had spent years with.  When I felt downtrodden and burnt out by my retail management career, I drew a line in the sand and went to college for the first time at age 32.  While going back for my degrees has been the best decision I have ever made, I did make mistakes, like student loans and pricey online schools, but I have learned, and have a plan.

Today, I have more hope that ever.  My grandmother was a strong, supportive, southern Christian woman, and although I don’t go to church regularly, I can remember how strong she was.  Her spirit guides me to have patience with people I encounter, to love thy neighbor, to catch myself when I lose my temper and always forgive.  Both my dad and step-dad taught me how to fix and build things, from sidewalks, to electric smokers, and two houses from the ground up.  The best lesson from building a house is that once you dig and pour the concrete for the foundation, you have to keep going; you can’t stop.  This can be related to setting a goal, telling others what you are about to achieve, and making sure you pull it off, regardless of any bumps and setbacks.

So come join me for some great stories of where I’ve been and where I’m going, and the dollars and sense behind it.  You’re not in your predicament alone.  I’m here to inspire and support you on your journey, whether it’s trying to pay for your college degree, build a dream home, or have the courage to apply for that job you know you have the skills for but don’t believe you can get.  The best dreams are those that come true slowly.  I truly believe that good things come to those who wait, but let’s make sure you haven’t waited too long, or don’t act too quickly and make a move you will later regret.  I always say go for it! What have you got to lose if you try your best?  It’s better than doing nothing and wondering what could have been.  Take a leap and believe in yourself!