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Wisdom Wednesday: Treat Your Personal Finances Like a Business

Since becoming adept in my studies of Business, Accounting, Finance, and Economics, I have made it a point to look at my personal finances with business acumen.  Before looking at numbers, I had to first think about why I am making my personal finances one of my life’s ongoing focuses.  Here’s what I came up … Continue reading “Wisdom Wednesday: Treat Your Personal Finances Like a Business”

Liquidity! It Affects Everyone, Not Just Big Banks

You might have heard about the markets having “liquidity” problems, but to the average Joe, this could sound like technical mumbo jumbo.  I mean, how does liquidity in the markets affect you?  Believe it or not, it can massively affect you.  Besides inciting panic in the stock market, which probably has affected your investments since … Continue reading “Liquidity! It Affects Everyone, Not Just Big Banks”

Lessons Learned: Auto Buying Tips

Quite often, the purchase of an automobile is the largest purchase one will make aside from the purchase of real estate. Although most homes cost more than cars, there are some parts of the country where luxury and heavy truck retail prices rival a nice piece of rural land in the countryside. I have purchased … Continue reading “Lessons Learned: Auto Buying Tips”

The Accountant: Protecting the masses from financial misstatement, and ourselves

Quite frequently, “us accountants” get a bad rap.  My father has referred tome as a “bean counter”, which was kind of offensive, but I got over it. In the large organizations I have been a part of, those outside of the accounting and finance departments like to blame accounting for a lot of things.  For … Continue reading “The Accountant: Protecting the masses from financial misstatement, and ourselves”

Credit Scores: Playing the game

If you’ve been following my posts, you probably realize I’m not very excited about debt.  Like most things I’ve ever wanted in life, a great credit score is something that I wanted for years and today don’t care to use very often.  I used to be all about getting the best interest rates, but today … Continue reading “Credit Scores: Playing the game”

If You Want to Retire, It Takes Money to Make Money

Everyone has different ideas on how they should spend (or not spend) their money and that is fine.  If we all did the same thing, our economy would be vastly different and highly predictable.  However, I hear a great many people say they can’t get ahead or can’t afford to save, whether for a rainy … Continue reading “If You Want to Retire, It Takes Money to Make Money”

I paid that balance off! Why do they keep charging me interest?

Recently, I went to pay off one of my older, higher-interest rate student loans, and was excited to finally have it at $0.  I paid the amount shown in the “balance” field on the FedLoan Serving website, so I thought the loan was history.  Wrong!  I went back the next week to see my beautiful … Continue reading “I paid that balance off! Why do they keep charging me interest?”

The IRS Launches its COVID-19 Stimulus Portal

It’s April 15th! Today used to be tax day, in a pre-COVID-19 world, but hopefully you know filers have until July 15th, 2020 to file their 2019 returns. I wanted to get the word out that the IRS has launched a new portal that you can use to check on your stimulus payment and see … Continue reading “The IRS Launches its COVID-19 Stimulus Portal”

Should I Refinance? Completing a Break-even Analysis

Last week, in my post Lessons Learned:  Financing My First Home, I wrote about buying my first home and the financing process behind obtaining it.  I mentioned briefly that you should do a break-even analysis anytime you are thinking of refinancing.  This could be a mortgage loan refinance, or something else like student loans or … Continue reading “Should I Refinance? Completing a Break-even Analysis”

Lessons Learned: Financing My First Home

I can’t believe it has been 13 years since I started the process of buying my first, and current home.  I was intimidated.  I didn’t know a lot about the process and I was mostly scared of rejection.  For a long time, I didn’t think I would ever qualify.  My then significant other and I … Continue reading “Lessons Learned: Financing My First Home”


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